The brother was tortured to death  for messages in the phone 

Boromlia. Sumy oblast

Russian troops entered the village of Boromlia in Sumy oblast on March 9, 2022. A headquarters was set up in the center of the village and the surrounding settlements were shelled from there.

Dmytro, a 41-year-old resident of Boromlia, helped resolve the humanitarian situation during the occupation, delivered milk from the local farm to Trostianets, and drove to Chernihiv to buy medicines. During one of these trips the Russians captured him.

Dmytro’s body was found in Trostianets, his hands were tied behind his back and his body had signs of brutal torture. The Russian military mocked the man because they found in his phone photos of their equipment and a message with the coordinates of its location.

The village of Boromlia was liberated from the Russian military on March 26, and Dmytro was buried in a closed coffin on March 28.