Instead of bread, ‘pancakes’ from pasta were baked

Shestovytsia. Chernihiv Oblast

On the 28th of February, Russian troops entered the village of Shestovytsia, which is 20 kilometers from Chernihiv. Military equipment was placed in the backyards of local residents, and the headquarters and ammunition warehouse were set up on the territory of the farm. For the invaders, Shestovytsia was strategically important, because from there they could control the roads to Chernihiv and Kyiv, as well as the crossings to the Desna River.

Almost 600 villagers were left in isolation without bread and other food supplies. Two villagers who tried to escape to Chernihiv were shot by Russian troops, said village head Serhii Medvediev.

 At the beginning of April Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the village, where the occupants left an abundance of destroyed military equipment and thousands of shells and ammunition.